Stress The Silent Killer – 4 Ways To Beat Stress At Work

De-Stress at workStress The Silent Killer – 4 Ways To Beat Stress At Work – Stress is the silent killer that offers very little sign until it’s too late. It’s important to practise healthy way of living to ensure that stress isn’t something that is going to affect you or those closest to you.

Stress has such a large influence in our modern living due to the amount of pressure that we apply to ourselves. This pressure activates the naturally occurring flight or fight mechanism designed to allow us react at a higher level of awareness, sadly the body and mind aren’t wired to last in this state for long periods.

When naturally forced into this state, through stimulants such as caffeine, energy drinks and other chemically enhanced sources, for any periods of time, our body cannot function naturally to keep your body healthy and intact – thus the cracks under the pressure.

Here are 4 Ways To Beat Stress At Work:

Don’t be so critical on your mistakes:

Within a working environment it can be worrying when mistakes are made, especially if facing disciplinary action, but how you view that situation can change the way that you handle stress and the behaviours associated with it. By judging ourselves in a negative way increases your chances of stress related illnesses and extending the negative emotions.

When mistakes are made, reduce the amount of pressure that you place on yourself by accepting and moving on. It’s called the past because that where it belongs – the quicker you let go the quicker you’ll be able to regain that positive momentum.

Stop stressing over what could happen:

Worrying over something that may happen is a sure way to increase stress levels, spending time thinking about potential negative events overloads your mind with negative thinking strategies – this doesn’t help anything apart from to raise your blood pressure.

The future has a way of becoming exactly what you want of it – positive thinking changes your perception of the world by highlighting those things that you ask of it. It’s like the time you buy a new car and think there are few about, and then the second you drive off the forecourt see them everywhere. Give your mind positive focal specifics and see how your world changes before your very eyes.

Practice the power of the breath.

Before I started in the world of therapy, back in the days of Estate Agency ownership, I worked long hours and experienced high levels of stress – this is when I was introduced by a good friend and mentor Terry Elston of the power of the breath.

Learning to use your breath to reduce stress levels is one of the easiest and more immediate effective solutions, when you feel your stress levels on the rise, stop what you are doing, close your eyes and take 5 long deep breaths, on the outward breath notice your body slowly relaxing your shoulders, neck and back. Once you’ve finish those five, keep your eyes closed and take a further 5 breaths on the inward breath this time smiling and releasing any tension within the muscles around your face.

This conscious breathing exercise can be used anywhere to overcome the immediate issue, but remember the cause of the stress should be addressed to reduce long-term stress levels.

You’re not a puppet master.

I’m still amazed at the conversations I have with business owners about the lack of control over their staff and asked for ways to hypnotically control them. One thing that is important to understand and respect about others is that they are their own person and no matter what you do to incentive them or guide them, they ultimately will do what they want in the long term. This also applies to clients and suppliers – you’re not a puppet master therefore can only be responsible for your own actions.

If you’ve done your best to produce positive results and things turn out not as planned, then move on and do the best to make things right. You can’t control every thought or action of those around you.

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