Giving Is The Best Medicine – People Never Forget Kindness:

Giving is the best form of medicineGiving Is The Best Medicine – People Never Forget Kindness: Giving of yourself — whether it be your time, energy or money — has more of an effect than your think… it could just save your life.

A wealth of research shows that generosity can also have benefits for the receiver, ranging from a better outlook at your job, to more years of life. Check out these science-backed reasons to make generosity a regular part of your day.

It will keep stress in check

Being stingy — and ashamed of said stinginess — is linked with higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Scientific American reported on the findings of the study, which examined cortisol levels in response to giving away money, and choosing to keep more money for yourself.

The more money people chose to keep in the experiment, the greater shame they felt — and the higher their cortisol levels were. While some stress is good,chronically high levels of stress have been linked to a number of health ills.

This is a great video that will hopefully inspire you to think before reacting and looking at the deeper reasons behind a persons behaviour or state – remember things aren’t always what they seem.

Thai mobile telecommunications company TrueMove has launched “Giving”, a three minute online film telling the moving story of two families transformed by the spirit of giving without hope of return. A young boy caught stealing medicine for his sick mother is given a break by restaurateur with a heart for the poor, helped by his daughter. Thirty years later tragedy strikes and the daughter faces a 792,000 Baht ($25,000) hospital bill. Enter Dr. Prajak Arunthong. TrueMove says the plot, inspired by stories shared on social media, is associated with the company’s commitment to create opportunities and improve the quality of life in Thailand. TrueMove’s tag line, “Giving is the best communication”.

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