Accredited Clinical Hypnotherapy Course

Don’t you just love group emails? I can’t apologise as I need to get this message out to you and I’ll do anything (almost) to deliver it. Yet this is to the people I know and love (and love to be in the training room with). I have been give read more

Therapy Business Master Class – Two-Day Event

A Platform Where You Can Develop & Grow Your Therapy Business In Just 30 Days. This Two-Day Event Is Held At A Luxury Hotel In The Sussex Country – Limited To 20 Delegates. A little insight to my journey: My therapy business wasn’t a success from day one – in fact read more

What To Do To Get Out Of That Stressful State

Stress can take many forms; it isn’t specific to an individual and has the ability to manifest in to many other types of illnesses… STRESS MYTH: Stress can’t be boxed, resolved or realistically managed over a long period by medication or anything for that matter, which masks the triggers or read more

How to Stress Less – What Stresses You Out?

It’s suggested that over 70% of men experience stress related symptoms on a daily basis… I recently asked my followers: What stresses you out? While I wasn’t surprised with the mass volume of replies; the variety of answers and the number of men who failed to take action to rid those read more

How do you use NLP within your Life? – NLP World UK Article


When you look at taking an NLP training, you’d obviously consider the benefits in terms of your business assets, your technical skills attained and how much financial profit you may glean. Yet how is NLP useful in your life? When I first started out as an NLP Practitioner, my desire read more

Advanced Thinking on Perceptions – NLP World UK


We are all clear about the thinking on perceptions being projections, so let’s take a spritely walk into the fields of more advanced thinking on perceptions. If you are new to the idea of perceptions being projections, here’s what you need to bring you up to speed: ….and this can read more

NLP Learning for Kids – NLP World Article, Written by Judy Bartkowiak


Written by Judy Bartkowiak Top tips for teaching kinaesthetic pupils: We all have elements of visual, auditory and kinaesthetic internal representational systems but whereas visual and auditory are generally pretty well catered for in schools, kinaesthetic can find long lessons with few breaks and a lot of writing and listening, read more